Winter Oil Change Tips!

In the best of conditions, winter plays a crucial role in stressing out everything from household plumbing to the lubricants in your vehicles. This is why it is important to choose the correct engine oil and conduct a wintertime oil change. Here are a few points to consider when making these oil changes before or during cold weather months.

Weight and viscosity of engine oil

In simple terms, the higher the viscosity number, the thicker the oil. When you see a number like 10w-40m the “w” indicates it is the winter viscosity and the 40m is the thickness of the oil at operating temperatures of 212 degrees Fahrenheit. It is crucial that you choose the proper density for your weather region to prevent damage to the lubrication system.

Structural integrity of an oil filter

Not only does it matter not to cross thread the filter when changing it out, but regular oil changes mean using the correct filter for your vehicle. During cold weather, the engine experiences a sudden surge of pressure that can compromise the parts of the filter. The sealing rings can rupture and so can the canister, not to mention damage to the split crimp.

Using an Internal valving filter

Typical oil changes include a standard oil filter that eventually clogs up and restricts the flow of oil. The best filters come with a spring-loaded bypass valve that opens just in case you forget to change the oil for an extended amount of time. As the dirt builds up in the oil, it triggers a coil spring that allows the oil to flow around it and prevent damage to the engine.

An oil change isn’t just a matter of regularly changing the oil. It is the same as having blocked arteries in your heart. To ensure proper lubrication to the engine of your vehicles, mark your calendar so that you remember when it’s time for an oil change.

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Written by The Wrench LTD