What You Should Know About Oil Changes!

When a person’s arties become clogged, their doctor will want to take immediate action to fix the situation. And just as a poor diet and too little exercise causes cholesterol to collect as sticky deposits and block our arteries, the same goes for your vehicle. If your car develops oil deposits and starts to block up your engine, ask your mechanic to take immediate action with a fresh oil change. But you may be wondering, how does oil gum up the engine of our vehicles?

When oil is subjected to a high enough temperature, it can solidify and become baked onto the surface of wherever it happens to be (i.e., a narrow engine oil passageway or critical engine part). Over time, it will also lose its viscosity and become a tar-like goop that will cause your engine to work harder than normal just to run.

After enough of these deposits have collected, the possibility of engine problems goes up dramatically. Thick or solid oil has the reverse effect that clean, normal oil has. Instead of cleaning, lubricating and cooling your engine, it pollutes, hinders and contributes to overheating.

Of course, just as some people seem to have more health issues than others, some makes and models of vehicles are more prone to oil deposits than others. However, here are things you should understand about oil changes that will help keep your vehicle’s engine healthy:

• Have regular oil changes, including a fresh filter. Follow the manufacturer’s recommended intervals as stated in your owner’s manual.
• Pay attention to signs from your car; such as difficult starting, misfiring, engine running hot, low oil indicator light coming on, or a bad oxygen sensor.
• Use synthetic oils if you can. Most auto shops offer oil change coupons to help make them more affordable.
• Be careful using additives–they may react chemically with your oil in undesired ways.

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Written by The Wrench LTD