What does the Check Engine Light mean?

Every automobile has an electronic control system. When this system finds a problem, a “check engine” light comes on. The system has codes that identify the problem and can be read with tools available to every good mechanic. When this light appears the biggest question is what does check engine light mean. Five issues are the most common and your first option once the light appears is to consult an engine repair technician.

Five issues are the most common, as follows:

1. Oxygen sensor. This sensor monitors your automobile’s exhaust system and tracks the levels of unburned oxygen. If the sensor is faulty, fuel consumption can increase by as much as 40%. This can additionally cause damage to the catalytic converter and spark plugs resulting in engine repair.

2. Gas cap. The gas cap acts as a seal for the fuel system and is responsible for the maintenance of the pressure in the fuel tank. It additionally stops gas fumes from getting into the air when you are not driving your car. If your gas cap is faulty, your gas will begin evaporating and you will be spending more time and money at the pump.
3. Catalytic converter. This converter turns carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide which protects the environment. If it is faulty, your vehicle will not pass the emissions test, your car will run at too high a temperature, and you will see a drastic reduction in your car’s performance and fuel efficiency.

4. Mass airflow sensor. This sensor keeps track of how much air goes into the engine and gives it the right amount of fuel to operate at peak efficiency. If you fail to replace a faulty sensor you can damage your catalytic converter, 02 sensors and spark plugs causing unacceptable gas mileage and reduced performance.

5. Spark plugs. The mixture of air and fuel that enters your vehicle’s combustion chamber is ignited by the spark plugs. The wires send the spark from the ignition coil to the spark plugs. A failure to replace the spark plugs and wires results in less power and poor performance.

Don’t just guess! When your check engine light comes on have it checked by an engine repair professional as quickly as possible.

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Written by The Wrench LTD