The Benefits of Quality Vehicle Maintenance!

As the seasons change a routine car maintenance checkup is always a good practice. Summer driving takes a toll on your vehicle with the high temperatures. The extra miles traveled during vacation and summer breaks add wear and tear to the vehicle. For example, cooling systems carry a heavy burden during the summer. No one wants to be stranded on the road due to overheating or driving without the option of air conditioning. A professional vehicle maintenance service ensures you’re getting the maximum performance and comfort from your vehicle.

All vehicles need fresh clean oil for better performance. Oil changes are one of the least expensive of car maintenance costs, but they will help prevent costly repairs down the road. Clean oil is critical to the engine components working together for a smooth ride, preventing carbon build-up in the engine for better performance.

As winter approaches, a preventative vehicle maintenance checkup is essential. A small summer problem could turn into a life-threatening winter hazard. Routine winter checks for wear and proper function include window wipers blades, brake pads, tires, belts and hoses. All of the fluids should be checked and topped off before the first rain or snow hits the ground. Keep in mind, cold winter weather and road conditions can decrease air pressure in tires. As the temperature changes, be sure to check the tire pressure regularly.

Routine car maintenance reduces the odds of mechanical failure so your vehicle will give you more miles with a longer lifespan. Preventative vehicle maintenance extends the life of your vehicle by keeping track of the wear and tear, helping to prevent unexpected breakdowns. The condition and value of the vehicle will not only be maintained, but also helps ensure that you, your passengers, and other drivers stay safe on the road.

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Written by The Wrench LTD