3 Signs of Radiator Failure!

Spring is here and people are starting to plan summer road trips for some fresh scenery after the cold and dark days of winter. Part of your planning should include an inspection of your vehicle, including the radiator and cooling system. The last thing anyone wants is a breakdown on the side of the road due to a radiator that may be broken, cracked, or simply clogged with debris and corrosion. Don’t spend your vacation days in a strange town looking for an emergency radiator replacement.

Watch out for these 3 signs of radiator failure:

  • Overheating engine – The coolant is not getting to where it needs to go because the radiator is not functioning properly. You may see a dashboard warning light, or the temperature gauge may be moving up. Get your car off the road as soon as possible to avoid damage to the engine from overheating.
  • Coolant Leaks – If there is a cracked hose, or the radiator is corroded with rust, you may notice tell-tale puddles on the garage floor or smell antifreeze from leaking coolant.
  • Smoke – If smoke is coming from under the hood, the coolant may have leaked onto the engine and is being burnt. If smoke is coming from the muffler, it could mean that the head gasket has been damaged from the engine overheating.

So that you’re not worried about an unexpected radiator replacement, ask your mechanic to check the hoses and the radiator unit for leaking. A radiator flush may be recommended, or at the very least, the antifreeze/water mixture should be refilled to the proper level.

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Written by The Wrench LTD