What are the Signs of Needing an Oil Change?

The engine of a vehicle is a fine-tuned machine. All parts need to be working perfectly in unison to make the car or truck move smoothly. It’s common knowledge that oil changes are an essential step in maintaining your vehicle to ensure your investment lasts you for many years. Unfortunately, there are many drivers who don’t know the signs of needing an oil change.

Combustion engines like the ones found in almost every modern vehicle run off controlled explosions which create heat. Heat will cause wear and tear. To protect your engine, oil is used to lubricate moving parts. Not knowing when an oil change is needed can result in serious damage to your engine, such as the engine locking up. Fortunately for drivers these days, almost all cars and trucks have computers that monitor the condition of the oil and alert you to when it’s time for an oil change. 

But it is still essential as a driver to know what to look for. Here are a few signs of a needed oil change:

Check the mileage – Has it bee more than 3000 miles since your last oil change? You may want to bring your car in.

A noisy engine – If your car is getting noisy, such as a ticking or knocking sound, the metal engine components are probably rubbing against each other, which could lead to excessive wear and tear on the motor.

Dark-colored oil – Oil loses viscosity over time, and becomes filled with particles. Dirty oil becomes thick and sluggish and does not perform in protecting the engine like it should.

Dirty filter – If the filter becomes clogged with dirt and metal particles, the oil cannot flow properly to the components of the engine to lubricate and cool.

Remember: An oil change is an inexpensive way to make sure your engine lasts for years and keeps your car in shape.

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Written by The Wrench LTD