Quality Engine Service For A Healthy Vehicle!

With the economic downturn and slow recovery, everyone is still struggling with tight budgets and finances.  However, taking the time to perform routine engine service can prevent engine repair and even engine replacement. Spending the extra time and money up front can prevent major problems later in the life of your vehicle. Problems can begin to develop from simple mileage accumulation, overheating, or lubrication issues. This can lead to an engine requiring an expensive repair or even replacement.

In addition to preventing major damage, having routine vehicle maintenance services done such as oil changes, tire rotations, and keeping tune up appointments will help keep your vehicle reliable. Simply put, take the time and energy to maintain your vehicle, and it will last you longer with few or no break downs. This not only prevents major inconvenience and frustration, but also saves money.

Furthermore, routine engine service will keep the vehicle’s fuel efficiency at higher level, saving you money on gas as well as keeping the environment clean by reducing emissions. Most importantly, this will also help the car hold its resale value better should you hope to sell the car one day or pass it down to a family member, the car will be worth more and be more dependable.

What are some of the signs the vehicle might need a major engine repair? Check for excessive oil use, low oil pressure, engine knocking or tapping, or low compression. While it may be easier initially to just get a new car, feel free to shop around and see what a repair would cost. It may be worth it to fix the engine rather than just replace the entire engine, or even the car.

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Written by The Wrench LTD