Quality Automotive Service: A Top New Year’s Resolution!

Three Tips For Automotive Service In The New Year

Automotive service in the new year is an important part of keeping your car running safely. You may schedule service during the year that provides help in three ways. This article explains how taking care of automotive service for your vehicle in a proactive manner will also keep you informed of which services are most-needed for your car. Your vehicle is likely to last quite a long time when you take care of needed automotive repair when needed.

#1: Oil Changes

Oil changes are the most basic of automotive service for your vehicle. If you have an oil change every 3000 miles, it will help keep your engine running smoothly. The oil in your vehicle doesn’t last forever, so you should budget for at least four oil changes a year as the average vehicle travels 12,000 miles a year.

#2: Transmission And Engine Flush

Flushing the engine and transmission is a simple process you must complete with the help of your local auto shop in accordance with industry standards. These services are considered “milestone” services. Be sure to stay on top of the intervals as specified by your owner’s manual.

#3: Brake Service

Another automotive service to remember is an inspection of your braking system. Your mechanic will let you know how much life is left on your brakes and estimate when they should be replaced. Because properly functioning brakes is of vital for driving safety, be sure you have them checked frequently.

You may complete an automotive repair based on an inspection of your vehicle, and you will add life to your vehicle for the future.

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Written by The Wrench LTD