Need Advice for Transmission Repair?

More than likely, you drive your car on a daily basis, so no one knows better than you if something seems off. Transmission repair can be expensive, but it does not have to be. With proper transmission service and vigilance, most problems can usually be avoided.

The majority of vehicles on the road today have automatic transmissions, i.e. not “stick-shift” or manual transmissions. In light of that, for the purposes of this article, we will be addressing automatic transmissions.


Often, there are physical side effects of a failing transmission. What we mean is there is something you can see that will indicate something is wrong. One of the most common indicators of transmission issues is leaking fluid. Your transmission has seals and gaskets in certain areas and over time these can fail and create leaks. To distinguish transmission fluid from oil, power steering fluid, etc. check the color. Transmission fluid is dark red in color. It can be black, but that would indicate burnt or compromised fluid and this fluid would have a burnt smell.


A car in need of transmission repair can drive differently. You may feel the transmission “slipping”. This means the car is literally slipping into another gear without reason. Automatic cars shift at certain intervals related to the speed you are driving. Failing transmissions will randomly shift into another gear or refuse to shift when they should. They can even pop into neutral while you are driving.

A vehicle can also “bang” into gear. It will be noisy and jarring. It could also refuse to shift into a certain gear such as reverse.

These indicators mean your car is in need of a transmission service at the very least. Many of these issues can be avoided by having your vehicle’s transmission serviced at regular intervals. Ask your transmission repair specialist for advice as to what kind of service is needed when!

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Written by The Wrench LTD