How Often Should Brakes Be Replaced?

Good brakes are essential to driving safely on the roads and highways. Keeping up with regular brake service is important so you keep your brakes well-maintained. You may be wondering how often should brakes be replaced in your vehicle. There are several factors that will determine the frequency of your brake service or replacement.

3 factors that determine how often should brakes be replaced:

  1. Driving Patterns-The frequency in how often you press your brakes over time will determine how long the brake pads will last on your vehicle.
  2. Driving Conditions- If you live in the city or a mountainous area where you frequently use your brakes, your brakes will wear out quicker. Driving in the country and on straight roads require less braking and your brakes will last longer. Riding your brakes and suddenly stopping also decreases the lifespan of your brakes. In the reverse, braking gradually or smoothly pressing on the brake pedal will increase the lifespan of the brakes.
  3. Regular Brake Service– By keeping up with regular brake inspections and small repairs, you will prevent major brake repair.

Importance of Quality Brake Service

Having your brakes regularly inspected by a qualified mechanic will ensure you and all your passengers are as safe as possible while traveling on the roadways. Regular inspections will identify any potential issues early. Lack of frequent inspections could be costly because more extensive damage to parts could occur. Driving on worn out brakes is not only extremely dangerous on your behalf, but if you need to quickly slam on your brakes they are not working properly, you could be the cause of a bad or fatal accident.

Driving on slippery roads in the winter months can be expected in many regions of the country. Having brakes that are functioning properly is essential. Winter temperatures can be very hard on brakes linings and pad, so taking your vehicle to a brake mechanic for regular maintenance should become a part of your routine.

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Written by The Wrench LTD