Do You Know The Three Signs Requiring Engine Repair?

There are many reasons why you might need to bring your car or truck in to see a mechanic. Most of the time you’ll come in just for simple engine service and overall maintenance. Though there could be other times when you’ll need to come in for deeper engine repair.

Most deeper engine repair is completely avoidable when a regular engine service schedule is followed. Though between time, financial resources, and other life complications, we’re not always able to care for our vehicles the way we know we should. Your car will suffer and over time, wear out important components that will leave you stranded when they go out. This is why it’s good to be aware of trouble signs indicating an engine repair is required as soon as possible.

1. No Start

Most vehicles will show signs of pending no-start issues with a slow build up of the inability to turn over, until one day, your simply doesn’t start at all. Other times, your car will seem to be in decent working order one day, only to refuse to start at all the next day. Either way, before you get to the point where car refuses to start, take it to an engine repair specialist for help.

2. Overheating

Vehicle overheats are much more dramatic and obvious experiences of engine problems than most other signs or symptoms. It’s hard to ignore it when there’s steam rolling out from under your hood, fogging up your windows, blowing all over the road, and your temperature gauge is “waaaay” over the red line. If you experience overheating problem, take your vehicle in immediately for engine repair before damage develops to the extent your car is valuable only to scrap dealers.

3. Engine Service Indicator

In most cases, your service engine light is simply a warning that an emissions component has gone bad and needs to be replaced. This should be enough of a reason to get your car into your auto shop right away. Though the truth is, that anxiety-provoking little light could be an indicator of deeper and more concerning engine problems. It’s not worth risking more problems, and if it turns out that it’s a less significant problem, you’ll at least stay out of trouble and keep your means of transportation rolling down the road.

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Written by The Wrench LTD