Car Battery Winter Maintenance Tips!

The car battery is a wonderful device that powers everything about your vehicle. You may find it acting up in winter as the temperatures fall. Keep your car battery healthy even as it grows cold outside! You may avoid car battery replacement using the simple tips below:

#1: The Charge

You may check the charge of your battery using a simple voltmeter. A car battery that cannot keep a high charge should be replaced, but any that holds a charge will ensure your vehicle’s performance during the winter season.

#2: Warming Up

You may choose to warm up your car every morning before leaving the house, but you cannot warm up your battery. Turn the key gently as you start the vehicle, and don’t force the engine to start. Give the engine a break as you attempt to start so you will not stress the battery too much.

#3: Engine Block Heaters

The engine block heater in your car prevents cracking due to cold temperatures. Be sure to warm the environment around your battery before starting the car. You will appreciate the ease with which you can start your vehicle.

#4: Be Careful With Instruments And Accessories

The instruments and accessories in your vehicle should not be overused during the winter. Draining the battery is unwise if you spend hours in the car. The car battery may lose its power when you drive for long periods of time. You will help keep your car battery healthy when you moderate your use of accessories in the vehicle.

You may avoid car battery replacement using the tips listed above, or you may choose a complete car battery replacement if you realize your battery is about ready to die.

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Written by The Wrench LTD