Can Your Auto Center take care of Vehicle Maintenance Items?

A smart vehicle owner that wants to take good care of their car will understand the difference between vehicle maintenance and repairs. Simply stated, routine maintenance is the schedule of items listed in your vehicle’s owner’s manual intended to keep your vehicle in tip-top operating condition. Repairs are needed to fix a problem, ranging from a brake job or tire patch to rebuilding transmissions or radiator repair.

Fortunately, it’s a Federal law that vehicle maintenance can be performed at any auto shop without affecting your warranty coverage. You don’t have to go to the dealer where you bought the vehicle. Most auto shops have access to the manufacturer’s latest technical service bulletins (TSBs), which are instructions on how to fix common problems associated with a particular model. Because maintenance items are fairly standard, any professional auto center should be able to perform the necessary tasks. Typically, you will find that independent auto shops are less expensive than dealerships for the same maintenance and repair.

The only times you may need to go to a dealership is if your car is covered by the original warranty and you want the manufacturer to pay for the fix or if your car has been recalled. Before purchasing an extended warranty, check the terms to see who must perform covered maintenance and repairs.

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Written by The Wrench LTD