Watch for the Signs of a Dying Car Battery!

How disappointing, you get in your car in a hurry to go somewhere and it will not start! There is never a convenient time for this to happen. The most common culprit is a dead or dying car battery. There are usually signs or symptoms prior to the battery finally not being able to start your vehicle.

Here are 3 common warning signs of a dying car battery:

  1. The engine cranks but doesn’t start. When you turn on the ignition the engine barely turns over and the vehicle lights and accessories are very dim. After a few cranks, the battery can’t even turn the engine over at all.
  2. The engine will not crank or turn over at all. When turning the key in the ignition, the starter just makes a clicking noise and is unable to turn the engine over. The lights and other electrical accessories do not work at all.
  3. Jumpstarting doesn’t work. The battery has to be repeatedly jumped to start the engine but won’t hold a charge from the alternator for any length of time.

These are the most common signs of a bad battery. This can also be an indication that some electrical source is sapping electrical current from the vehicle’s battery when the ignition is turned off. It can also be a symptom of a faulty alternator that is unable to charge the battery when the engine is running. These can prevent a battery from not keeping or holding a charge, thus not being able to have enough electrical current to start the vehicle.

To prevent these types of problems, it is important to maintain your vehicle’s battery and to replace it when it has expired. It is also important to keep fluid in the battery if it is required maintenance. Also, it is vital to keep the battery cables clean and connected tightly to the engine and electrical components.

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Written by The Wrench LTD